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Fundraising for a non-profit can either be very successful, if done right and certain oft-ignored ideas are taken into consideration. The following five tips offer useful ideas to make your next fundraising campaign successful:

1) Think of the Children

Consider causes that can resonate with even the youngest mind. Children can have great influence over their parents when they see just how much their child cares about an issue. If your next fundraising event incorporates elements that may interest children and draw their attention, you may in turn get the attention of their adults as well.

2) Take it to the Streets

Allow people to become fully engaged in an event that is as much a fundraiser as it is part of an ideal day within a community – a street carnival. Bring in activities that are suitable for all ages, including live music. This would also allow you to collaborate with other organizations in your area to bring in a larger turn out.

3) Use Technology

Make it easy for people to donate by facilitating their donations through an item most of us already carry – a phone. Allowing your would-be donors to text in their donations is great, easy, and you may be helping the environment by not having them mail-in donations.

4) Make it Competitive and Delicious

Having competitions is a great way to raise money for many causes. You can usually find children selling items or candy in order to raise money for their schools and the student that brings in the most donation is usually rewarded with some small prize. For your next fundraising event, you can organize a cooking or baking competition. It will allow people to show off their culinary prowess while others pay to taste and judge the entries.

5) Shoot some Hoops

Local organized sporting events can be a great way to not just bring attention to your cause or organization, but also bring in funds. Have local teams compete in any number of sports and have paying attendees there to show support to their favorite teams.

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